V-shaped African Beaded Necklace

$ 1,422.00
cus_country_of_origin South Africa
cus_measurements 47 cm x 4 cm


This black and white V-shaped unisex neckpiece is handmade with love and inspired by traditional colour combinations that represent Xhosa culture. The Xhosa people are among the many indigenous cultural groups found in South Africa and are traditionally found in the Eastern Cape regions of the country. This piece of jewellery will bring a touch of South Africa to your wardrobe while making sure you absolutely make you stand out.


  • Measurements: Height: 47cm from the top of the clasp to the bottom of the beads hanging from the end of the V. Width: 4cm thickness of the V strap. Please note that exact measurements may vary slightly.
  • Function: Necklaces are considered one of the oldest forms of adornment worn by humans. Enjoy wearing this eye-catching necklace, perfect to wear on special occasions.
  • Technique: Small glass beads are strung together using traditional South African beading techniques.
  • Materials: Small glass beads & nylon thread.
  • Working time: 10 days.
  • Product Care: Please be sure to store these beautiful and unique neckpieces with great care. This will avoid them from getting entangled. If stored in a jewellery box with other necklaces and precious adornments, it is advisable to carefully place them into their own separate pouches inside the box to keep them safe and avoid getting damaged.


What’s in the box? 1x V-shaped African Beaded Necklace. Tip: Buy 2 neckpieces in one purchase, from this same artisan, and you will be charged the same shipping fee as for 1 neckpiece (due to the box size/shipping price)

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