Tenango Embroidered Quixquemetl

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cus_country_of_origin Mexico
cus_measurements 78 cm x 63 cm


The quixquemetl tenango, a living testament to Mexico's rich cultural tapestry, has graced the shoulders of indigenous communities since time immemorial. Rooted in tradition, this garment tells a story of enduring heritage. Its muted gray canvas becomes a canvas for the intricate Tenango embroidery, a traditional Otomi technique of small, tight cross-stitches. As vibrant threads of color dance across the fabric, a vivid world springs to life, telling tales of ancestral wisdom and timeless artistry. Crafted from two meticulously woven rectangular pieces, this quixquemetl envelops the wearer like a work of living art, draping gracefully off the shoulders and radiating a profound connection to Mexico's indigenous roots.


  • Measurements: 78 cm x 63 cm
  • Function: Multifunctional garment used to cover up or as a decorative accessory adding to one's outfit. There is no right or wrong way to wear or use a quixquemetl.
  • Technique: The Tenango stitch is generally a small, tight, cross stitch, embroidered with cotton thread.
  • Materials: 100% embroidered cotton on 100% cotton fabric.
  • Working time: 6 weeks.
  • Product Care: Hand wash with non-corrosive laundry soap and room temperature water or gently machine wash by placing the shawl into a smaller cloth laundry bag. Carefully steam iron or wet the fabric with a light spray of water before ironing.

 What's in the box? 1x Tenango Embroidered  Quixquemetl

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