African Beaded Coasters

$ 1,969.00
cus_country_of_origin South Africa
cus_measurements 11 cm x 12 cm


Unleash the vibrant energy of these beaded masterpieces, handwoven with love and care using traditional beadwork african beads. Passed down through generations, this craft unites women from diverse cultures across South Africa. Each coaster reflects the beauty of local life and the rich wildlife that surrounds it, making every piece a true marvel. Protect your surfaces from condensation while adding an explosion of color to your dining room. Order yours now and add a piece of this beautiful nation to your home.


  • Measurements:11 cm x 12 cm. Please note that exact measurements may vary slightly.
  • Function: Say goodbye to unsightly water rings and moisture-damaged surfaces! These coasters are expertly designed to absorb all the moisture from your cold drinks, ensuring your tabletop remains dry and pristine. Experience the magic of South African tradition and elevate your decor with these stunning beaded coasters. Shop now and add a piece of African artistry to your life!
    • Technique: Traditional South African hand beading technique.
    • Materials: Small glass beads of various colours are threaded together using a needle and nylon thread.
    • Working time: 3 days.
    • Product Care: Wipe with a damp cloth to clean. Be careful not to use harmful chemicals or cleaning products. Hang from a secure hook or nail to prevent the wall hanging from falling.


    What’s in the box?  4x African Beaded Coasters

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