African Beaded Placemats

$ 4,506.00
cus_country_of_origin South Africa
cus_measurements 30 cm x 27 cm


Decorative and unique Beaded Placemats. Made with glass beads, using traditional beadwork techniques, a craft practised among women in South Africa across various cultures. Each piece is inspired by local living and wildlife.  These Beaded Placemats will bring a splash of colour, all the way from South Africa, into your home.


  • Measurements: 30 cm x 27 cm. Please note that exact measurements may vary slightly.
  • Function: Beautiful beaded placemats that will bring a touch of South African vibrancy to your home. Perfect for decorating your home, table or any interior space of your choice, creating a warm, colorful and comfortable atmosphere.
  • Technique: Traditional South African hand beading technique.
  • Materials: Small glass beads of various colours are threaded together using a needle and nylon thread.
  • Working time: 15 days.
  • Product Care: Wipe with a damp cloth to clean. Be careful not to use harmful chemicals or cleaning products. Hang from a secure hook or nail to prevent the wall hanging from falling.


What’s in the box?  4x African Beaded Placemats.

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