Knitted Mexican Blouse 3/4 Flowers

Knitted Mexican Blouse 3/4 Flowers

USD 388.00
cus_country_of_origin Mexico
cus_measurements XS (36)


Each blouse is a labor of love, crafted by hand over several days or weeks, with threads delicately pulled and lifted to form intricate squares that become unique designs. In a world where unraveling is increasingly rare, our blouses stand as a testament to tradition and creativity. Whether it's a hobby or a dedicated profession, these blouses offer a wearable piece of history, waiting to weave itself into your style. Embrace the beauty of unraveling - order your 3/4 Sleeve Fine Knit Blouse now and make a statement that's both classic and contemporary!


  • Size: XS (36)
  • Function: Elevate Your Wardrobe with Timeless Elegance! Our collection of elegant three-quarter length blouses is your ultimate choice for special moments and professional meetings. For a more relaxed style, we also offer slightly looser silhouettes that radiate comfort without compromising on style. Don't miss the chance to make these blouses the next stars of your wardrobe, each one ready to transform your look for any occasion. With these versatile pieces, you'll always be fashion-forward and ready to shine. Upgrade your style - order now and embrace the perfect blend of elegance and comfort!
  • Technique: Frayed textile.
  • Materials: Cotton, thread, needle, hoops, razor.
  • Working time: 7 months.
  • Product Care: Hand wash, soap powder, cold water and semi-damp iron.



 What's in the box? 1x Knitted Mexican Blouse 3/4 Flowers