• Folk Art & traditional handicrafts, a project that supports artisans all around the world. Coming soon!

About us

We are a global social enterprise that supports talented artisans by providing them with eCommerce tools that will enable them to sell their products in the USA.

Soon introducing our eCommerce for Folk Art & traditional handicrafts. Ensuring Fair Trade principles & bringing together talented artisan women from diverse regions of the world, starting with Mexico & South Africa.

Our goal is to showcase the beauty and cultural meaning of Folk Art & traditional handicrafts from all around the globe, so their cultural and economic value can be recognized and appreciated worldwide.


Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform available for innovative and creative endeavours, including projects intended to contribute to social and/or environmental change.
Follow our campaign! Be part of the transition to a sustainable future by supporting our project, as we promote cultural heritage while empowering women artisans!

Why Womens Magic Hands

Why Womens Magic Hands

Why Womens Magic Hands

  • A glimpse into the products we will offer on our upcoming eCommerce. Stay tuned!

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Founding Member

Founding Member

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