African Embroidered Cushion Cover

USD 79.00
cus_country_of_origin South Africa
cus_measurements 50 cm x 50 cm



These Upcycled African Embroidered Cushion Cover are inspired by the different colours found in nature and the Kwa-Zulu natal landscape. They are also inspired by traditional isiZulu attire and are adapted to the textile industry’s new trend that focuses on contemporary colours and patterns.


TheAfrican Embroidered Cushion Cover uses organic wool on upcycled polypropylene maize and rice bags and decorated with tiny glass beads along the edges. Chic, environmentally clean and sustainable home decor. Contemporary design with a touch of traditional influence.




  • Measurements: 50cm x 50cm.
  • Function: Perfect for decorating your home, office or any interior space of your choice, creating a warm, colourful and comfortable environment. These vibrant and colourful cushion covers will bring a splash of South African flare to your home.
  • Technique: Traditional hand embroidering technique
  • Materials: Organic wool, small glass beads on upcycled polypropylene maize and rice bags.
  • Working time: 14 days.
  • Product Care: Gentle hand wash. No strong chemicals or detergents. Avoid direct sunlight for long hours at a time. Do not expose to open flames as the polypropylene/plastic can be flammable.


What’s in the box? 2x Upcycled hand-embroidered cushion covers. No cushion inners included. There are a variety of colours as seen in the product pictures. The 2 cushions in each package will not necessarily be identical in colour or pattern, however, they will still be complimentary to each other as the colours in this range of cushions are all in similar and coordinating tones. So even if your 2 cushion covers are not identical in pattern or colour, they will still be beautiful and complimentary next to each other.

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