Copper Thermo

USD 87.00
cus_country_of_origin Mexico
cus_measurements 6 cm x 27 cm


Made from 99.9% pure copper, these thermoses are not just utilitarian; they are a wellness companion. Experience the Ayurvedic benefits of improved skin health and boosted brain and thyroid gland functioning, all while enjoying your favorite beverages. Perfect for everyone, especially those leading an active and health-conscious lifestyle, these thermoses are more than just a vessel; they're your path to well-being. Embrace tradition and wellness - order your Copper Thermos now and toast to a life well-lived!




  • Function: Embracing the age-old wisdom of copper, our thermos doesn't just keep your beverages hot, it goes a step further. Backed by scientific evidence, copper's natural antibacterial properties serve as a modern water purification system within your thermos. Instead of relying on heating elements, our thermos cleverly retains heat, thanks to its impeccable insulation. The secret? A vacuum-sealed design that ensures no heat escapes. A marriage of tradition and innovation, this copper thermos safeguards your beverages and health while being environmentally conscious.
  • Technique: Hand-hammered.
  • Materials: 99.99% pure Copper.
  • Working time: 3 weeks.
  • Product Care: Combine salt, vinegar and flour to create a mixture to polish the copper. Mix one-quarter cup salt and one-quarter cup flour, then add enough vinegar to make a thick paste. Rub that paste onto the copper surface and gently buff it using a microfiber cloth until it shines; wash with water and soap, then dry thoroughly.- Buy copper cleaner in any convenience store. Follow the instructions on the cleaner label.

 What's in the box? 1x Copper Thermo.

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