Tenango Embroidered Cushion Cover

Tenango Embroidered Cushion Cover

USD 57.00
cus_country_of_origin Mexico
cus_measurements 50 cm x 48 cm


Woven from the finest Manta, a fabric of pure 100% cotton treated with care to safeguard its timeless hues, this masterpiece resonates with an enduring elegance. Crafted using the meticulous Tenango technique, a treasured Otomi tradition of small, tight cross-stitches, it becomes a canvas of vibrant life. Against a backdrop of serene blue, this textile artistry springs to life, capturing the essence of local wildlife and the wonders of nature. Each stitch is a brushstroke of natural beauty, making it the perfect addition to any space, infusing it with an innate sense of style and grace. With its colorful embroidery, this piece effortlessly embodies a harmonious blend of art and nature, transforming your home into a sanctuary of natural elegance.



  • Measurements: 50 cm x 48 cm
  • Function: Living room or bedroom décor.
  • Technique: The Tenango stitch is generally a small, tight, cross stitch, embroidered with cotton thread.
  • Materials: 100% embroidered cotton on 100% cotton fabric.
  • Working time: 3 weeks.
  • Product Care: Preferably keep away from direct sunlight to preserve colours or prevent staining. To clean the cushion, turn it inside out. Gentle machine or hand washed with water at room temperature and non-corrosive laundry soap. Carefully steam iron or wet the fabric with a light spray of water before ironing.

 What's in the box? 1x Tenango Embroidered Cushion

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